Viv Owens, Founder, Malvern Access Group

The Malvern Access group believes that individuals have the right to lead an independent life based on self determination and personal choice and that those who are unable to make their own decisions to protect themselves, their assets and bodily integrity, should be protected.

Nobody would dispute that people with disabilities have the right to a quality of life which is as close as possible to that enjoyed by able bodied people.  It is in the accessibility of premises and services that it becomes most difficult to achieve the objective. 

The Group never did set out to aggressively demand change where it was needed, nor did they see it as their role to tread on the toes of those already working with groups of people with specific disabilities.  Malvern is also a geographically difficult place in which to achieve the ideal access opportunities and the group has recognised this in its dealings with local authorities and proprietors.  The aim of the Group has always been about raising awareness.

In the pages of this web site you will see descriptions of the projects that have been undertaken during the last ten years as well as the work that will be ongoing.  The majority of the work has been managed by a very small group of people supported by others who have helped with funding and spade work.

The last project completed in 2010 was the publication of the Malvern Access Guide. The results can be seen now on this web site.  We still have hard copies of the Guide and anyone who wants one should contact Jennette.  Put a note onto the “Contact us” page.  As well as the quantity you want be sure to give an address to which the books can be delivered.

It is hoped that those who feel this is worthwhile work will now come forward and help to keep the web site going as well as to investigate the need for new projects and then work to carry them out.

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